What is BeeOnPay?

We at BeeOnPay saw the potential within the payment system technology that is going to be advance beyond the normal old payment methods and grab at the chance to revolutionize payment software to help not only the customers looking to shop for goods and services online, but the businesses looking to sell those very same services in an EASIER way.

Payment Just Reinvented Itself Again

Do you remember when it used to be hard for your customers to pay for the goods and services you offered, so you always lose them to the competition? We at BeeOnPay do. That’s why we decided to change the game, and we’re offering an incredible new payment system, to not only make it securer than ever for your customers to pay, but so that they can do ONLINE transactions with ABSOLUTE EASE. Yes, that’s right. We’re changing the game, and we’re pushing the boundaries. It’s time that you stop losing out on all your potential customers. We’re going to help you convert those visitors into REAL sales by making payment so easy, that your target market would feel foolish for passing up the opportunity to delve into the products and services you made available.

Why would you choose us?

Simple! We are here to offer all the relevant tools and technologies you need to create a successful business online.

One-of-a-kind Security

Our TLS-1.2 encryption is going to step up the game when it comes to security. Don't settle for anything less.

Unrivalled Reliability

Say goodbye to downtimes. We have a 99.9% uptime rating, so you'll never miss a single sale in those peak sales periods. It's time to amp-up your profits!

Premium Support

A dedicated account manager and technical support staff will be assigned to every merchant, ensuring fast and seamless business operation.

Marketplace Payment

Worrying about managing multiple sub merchant payments? We've got you covered! Our solution is designed specifically for marketplace, and you can manage services - anywhere, anytime!

Powerful Reporting System

Perfectly designed and easy-to-navigate reporting system making it easier for you to get yourself on the right track!

Recurring Payment

Automated payment system that eliminates the risk of late payments and takes your cash flows to a whole new level.


The world’s first payment gateway built conveniently for all type of business. Trendsetters in accepting digital currency payment and others. We are the solution provider that you can TRUST. The ease in payment convenience. Reliable super secure payment for everyone. Why pay more whereby you can get returns?

Block chain technology

Understanding Online Payments

What is a payment gateway and how does it work?

How Blockchain could change finance

Your protection is our priority!

We are, quite simply, the best online tool in the entire market when it comes to offering secure and intuitive payment solutions.

  • We offer 100% reimbursement for un-authorize transactions!
  • Quick response time to ensure all your questions are answered swiftly.
  • Privacy Protection to ensure all your information is secure and safe.
  • Real-time monitoring to ensure everything is working appropriately.
  • We also give you a tool BUILT-IN to the software to ensure that fraud is prevented at all levels. That’s right - we take your security seriously.

Everything you need is right here!
No matter if you have a grocery store, a restaurant, an e-commerce store, or a hotel, we can serve your needs perfectly. Above all else, you just can’t beat our level of reliability. 99.9% uptime means that we don’t leave your business in the dark. When it’s a peak sales period, you KNOW that you can rely on us to ensure you get all your customers' payment transaction attended.

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