Founder of BeeOnPay

Adnan Khashoggi, a name well known in the business world except Adnan here is the younger version. Since leaving school he has chose to develop businesses mainly involving Innovative Technologies such as e-Commerce, e-Marketplace and Online Payment systems. He has successfully assisted Multinational Corporations from Overseas to develop their business in Malaysia.

Adnan or AK as he is fondly known, has been involved with Digital Asset, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain since 2012. He is an accomplished Trainer for Offline and Online marketing. With his entrepreneurial skills developed throughout the years, BeeOnPay is thus created.

Malek Othman, a good product of Malaysia's Royal Military College and has dutifully served the Malaysian Armed Forces from 1990 to 1998. His Tour of Duty also involved an attachement with United Nations (UNTAC) peace keeping forces. Retired as a Captain.

For 20 years after his Army days, he was attached to a number of Overseas Multinational Corporations and have created great business for them in Malaysia.

He has successfully developed good Sales Leaders for the Corporations thus increasing their profitability every year. He was introduced to the Blockchain Platform since 2014 and has never turned back.

BeeOnPay was the brainchild of Malek Othman and his long time friend Adnan Khashoggi.