How do I verify my identity?

Account levels

There are different account levels, with send and receive limits that apply to each level.

Level Requirements
Level 0 Sign up with email address or with social media profile
Level 1 Confirm your email address, basic info and pin number
Level 2 Submit photo/scan of government-issued ID
Level 3 Submit selfie photo

Two-factor authentication is enabled and I can't sign in. What can I do?

The most common reason for the two-factor authentication not working correctly is that the clock on your phone is inaccurate.

This can typically be rectified by following these simple steps:

Phone settings

On Android devices, enable Automatic date & time option on the system:

Settings > Date & time > Automatic date & time

(you can also try to set the time zone automatically)

On Apple devices, change time and date to Set automatically:

Settings > General > Date & time > Set automatically


If you have the same number, but can’t log in you can have your account settings reset.

If you have changed your phone number, you can have your account changed.

Google Authenticator

If you are using the Google Authenticator application, click Settings > Time correction for codes. This synchronises your phone and the application.