The Company

The world has changed. Technology has made the impossible possible, but it’s also made elements of our past far simpler and simultaneously FAR more advanced than ever before.

We at BeeOnPay saw the potential within payment system technology to be advanced beyond the ways of old payment methods, and we leapt at the chance to revolutionize payment software to help not only the customers looking to shop for goods and services online, but the businesses looking to sell those very same services in an EASIER way.

Payment is an old concept, but it wears new clothes in the form of electronic solutions. Bitcoin changed the market, but it’s not over just yet. Mobile devices and even social networks are completely revolutionizing the way in which payment works because currency, as a concept, boils down to the basic act of trading. At the heart of it, this is about a transaction between people. It makes sense that people would drive the technology which changes payment in the future, then.

We are the future. That’s what BeeOnPay strives to be. We’re bringing advanced payment solutions to your door so that your business can meet consumer demand and remain a trustworthy entity in their eyes. Much like trading in the days of old, it’s still important that you impress the consumer. We are a secure, convenient, simple and fast payment gateway that allows you to handle your business transactions right from your mobile apps. We're proud to inform that we are the ONE that offers the choice of either using Blockchain Technology or Banking Payment System. Have peer to peer payments and fund transfers involving cypto currencies? We even handle those!

We love flexibility, and this is the reason we allow the subscribers to top up their credit via BeeOnPay accounts and use that credit to conduct any offline transactions. Subscribers can also get hands on premium cash rebates.

We keep you involved throughout the process and we believe that we all are part of a family. We will be organizing a Bee-Ideas platform where our subscribers can contribute their creative ideas in which Bee-Ideas will act as a Venture Capitalist and will consider investments required to perform certain actions.

Let's create something special together.

Our Offerings

To create stronger networking with BeeOnPay users, our Payment System will also subsequently offer subscriptions to Users for them to enjoy cash rebates on their Online transactions.

BeeOnPay will be organising a Bee-Ideas Platform for its members to contribute commercially sound ideas in which Bee-Ideas will take up the role of a Venture Capitalist and may consider investing towards the development of the said ideas by developing Mobile Applications for its operation whether locally or abroad.